How to Choose the Most Appropriate Writing Style for Your Academic Assignment?

The style of writing for assignment completely depends upon different academic assignments, so in-order to to provide you premium Assignment Help, the team of Assignment Help Online has written this post compiling up all the writing styles. Sometimes, you have to give arguments or information by using third person such as “He argues that …..” “She claims that …” etc just to maintain a particular distance between yours and others arguments.

Sometimes, you have to use first person such as “I did the experiment at one of the biggest colleges of this town”. It may be confusing to decide what style is most appropriate for the kind of assignment you are working on and therefore, it is good to know about the most common writing styles.

Read the below mentioned writing styles to develop your writing style.

Reflective Writing

Some types of assignments demand you to utilize your professional style of making judgment to give a subjective comment. You may also come up with your own opinions and reflections about the subject you are discussing in your assignment. In such cases, you are required to respond subjectively about the topic of discussion. However, you will still be required to show some evidence to make your position stronger.

  • Self-reflection

    In different modules, you might see that a certain section of the assignment is completely or partially reserved for self reflection and opinion of your own that how you have been able to progress during the study process. It is something like a diary that records your learning progress. The type of language that you are allowed to use in this specific section can be quite different than those you use in academic section. In this section, you are usually anticipated to use 1st person pronouns such as “I think” or “I guess” or “according to my analysis” etc.

Objective Writing

Most of the academic writing projects require the writers to discuss, explain or express academic objectivity backed up by acceptable arguments that must be strong enough to be accepted by readers. Experts suggest variety of ways to achieve this particular target. Most significantly, throughout the study process, you can easily develop and improve your capability to make strong arguments meticulously and to find out evidence and show to support your arguments.

  • First Person or Third Person

    If you confused either you should use first person or the third person, you better go through available module materials with which you can have clear opinion about it. Using first person pronoun in your writing simply means that you will use something like in my opinion, I think that etc. If you are required to give reflective opinion about the subject matter, it is fine to use first person. However, many assignments based on essay style of writing will instruct you to use third person and avoid first person.

Active & Passive Language

The use of passive language is quite common in essay-assignment based on discursive writing style while on the other hand active language is considered a better option in reports. However, there is no strict rule that you must use one type of language for Assignment Help. In fact, you can use either type or even both wherever and wherever deemed necessary in your assignment.

  • Passive Voice

    Passive voice is alternative of personalization in your writing because it allows you to talk about the objects instead of actions performed by personal pronouns. This is especially useful when you don’t really know who the doer of an action is. When you don’t want to or need to mention the subject or doer or who, you use passive language.

  • Active Voice

    When you know who the doer of an action is, you can simply use active voice and that is why it is the most preferred style of language in reports. Unlike passive voice, in active voice you emphasize who performs or does an action.

Hedging Language

It is said that the academic assignment writing particularly when it is about scientific writing, is actually facts based writing style and it simply means to convey facts and true information. However, it is also important to mention here that one of the most significant aspects of academic writing is cautious language which is a new concept. It is also called vague or hedging language.

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