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Most of the internet users have privacy concerns while using online services. Nobody wants to put his/her privacy at risk and that’s true. Keeping in view the significance of this important issue, we have already developed our privacy policies to give maximum protection to our clients and users.

Policy to Collect Users and Buyers Information

Since we provide our services online, we might have to collect some necessary information from our clients to work on orders. However, we strictly keep the collected information at secret place as we don’t want it to get stolen or misused.

Type of Information That is Collected

The information may be personal, contact data or other info to carry out payments. The info may include:

  • Name

  • Cell number

  • Email address

  • Others

How We Collect the Info?

Basically, there are two means of data collection i.e voluntary submission and cumulative collection.

Voluntary Submission

Most part of info is collected through voluntary participation of our clients in different activities such as posting comments, sending messages or giving reviews. This is the simplest and of course the most effective way to collect info.

Cumulative Info Collection

The second most preferred method to collect user data is cumulative method which simply analyzes statistical data including likes, dislikes, interests and favorites.

Why We Collect Users’ Data?

It is quite important for us to collect some of the user’s information because the info can be used to improve our overall services. Some of the major reasons to collect such info/data:

  • Clearing Confusions with Order Instructions: When we wish to get contact details of the buyers, the major reason is to work as per your expectation but this is only possible when we receive the instructions without any confusion. Unfortunately, some of the clients happen to give incomplete/dubious instructions and to clear all such confusions, we have to approach them immediately

  • Knowing Clients Better than Before: When you plan and execute the best services only when we know our clients better. When we know what they like and what they don’t like and what their priorities are, we find ourselves into better position to get them what they want. Thus, we need to monitor their activities on our website.

  • Most Popular Trends among Customers: Online marketing has become a huge arena of latest trends which are changed and improved on constant basis. Thus, we have to be well aware of different types of customers with different buying choices and moods.

  • Authenticity of Remarks/Opinions: Everyday, we receive junk of suggestions, opinions, general comments and remarks and ratings from our clients and users. However, such opinions remain doubtful unless we recognize the senders and have no doubts about their authenticity.

  • Offers & Discounts: Our team of strategists and marketers work together to design special discount offers for the clients on special occasions. We prefer to inform our subscribers and buyers at the first place.

User Age Limit

The age limit for users of our services is 18 and thus, we encourage those who are under 18 accompany either their parent/friend or teacher/advisor at the time they proceed to buy any of our services.


We receive huge internet traffic on regular basis and many of the visitors, buyers and subscribers post reviews, remarks, comments and posts which might contain links to the third parties i.e. other websites. We would rather make it absolutely clear that we can’t guarantee authenticity of any such third party links and thus, a user’s act to navigate to third party websites is completely their own decision as we don’t take any responsibility for any loss or damage in the result.